Davis® Dyslexia Correction Programmme

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We run the standard thirty hour Davis® Dyslexia Correction programme and provide extra help to develop skills as needed.   The Davis Dyslexia Correction program is suitable for children as young as age 7, and adults of any age - we have successfully worked with adults up to age 83.

We provide counseling and training support for:

We tailor the programme sessions to suit the individual's particular problems during the initial assessment and during the programme itself.   We involve the parent or coach to teach them how to support the student in using and developing their newly acquired tools to correct their dyslexia as part their own individual support programme.   We particularly focus on facilitating and developing communication between:

We consider that last point may be the most important for the success of the programme.   Frequently we find that both the parent (coach) and the student have a lot of pent-up frustration with the learning problems.   One of our goals is to provide an environment for the parent and student to review and discuss the things they have learned.   This provides the opportunity for developing the on-going support based on a trusting relationship that is vital to ensure success for the student.   Whilst the student must take responsibility for his or her own learning, he or she will need a lot of support and encouragement to keep the momentum going.

The major components of the Davis Dyslexia Correction program are:

Davis Orientation Counselling

In this session we show dyslexic students how to recognise and control the mental state that leads to distorted and confused perceptions of letters, words and numerals.   We call this state "Disorientation".   Through a simple mental technique, the students learn to turn off the thought processes that cause confusion.   Instead, they are able to restore their minds to a relaxed and focused state, suitable for reading and other studies.   Once Orientation is learned, the student is ready to build the conceptual skills that will allow them to correct their problems that can result from dyslexia.

Davis Symbol Mastery

In this part we show dyslexic students how to develop the ability to think with symbols and words, so they can learn to read easily and with full comprehension.   Using clay, students first work with the alphabet, numerals, and punctuation marks, to make sure that they have an accurate perception and understanding of these symbols.   Students then use clay to model the short abstract words frequently found when reading, such as "and", "the", "to", or "it".   These words cause problems because dyslexic students cannot form mental pictures to go with them.   Through Symbol Mastery, the student makes a three-dimensional clay model of the meaning of each word, together with a model of the letters of the words.   This technique uses a multi-sensory approach that ensures "mastery" of the words and concepts.

Mastery of key concepts

During the programme, we help the student develop a deep understanding of a number of important concepts that are vital for developing mathematics skills and general life skills.   These include such concepts as consequence, time, sequence, order and disorder.   Ron Davis has found that these concepts are fundamental to the understanding of mathematics as well as helping dyslexics develop appropriate lifeskills.

Follow up

At the end of the 30-hour-program, students will have a full understanding of all the Davis methods, and know how to continue to use these methods on their own.   On completion, students can take away a kit containing the tools for Symbol Mastery, which they can use until they have mastered all the trigger words that cause them problems.

The student should be able to take responsibility for his or her own learning and follow up, but as noted above, we try to coach the parent in supporting the student, without taking the responsibility for the follow up away from the student.   The follow up programme is designed to give the student a range of activities to complete that will help develop their life skills as well as to reinforce the learning from the programme.  

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Please note that the Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme, including Davis Symbol Mastery and Davis Orientation Counselling may only be provided by persons who are trained and licensed through Davis Dyslexia Association International.

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