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We prefer that you come to us for a week's intensive training and facilitation, because we have found that this gives the best results.   However, there are parents who have taken on the role of faciltator themselves because they do not have the funds available to pay the fees or they wish to help their child themselves.   It is possible to help your child to overcome his or her dyslexia by following the instructions set out in Ron Davis's book.   However, if you find that you are struggling, then you can always contact us.

The book "The Gift of Dyslexia" sets out the instructions on how to run a programme to help correct dyslexia.   However, our facilitators are specially trained to handle a wide range of problems that may occur during facilitation.   For example, they can help students become oriented because they understand exactly what has to be done and when.   They also have a repertoire of techniques that can address all the other problems that dyslexics may have, such as:

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