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Jane Heywood BSc

Picture of Jane Jane Heywood is an experienced and licensed Davis® Dyslexia Correction Facilitator who first became interested in the Davis methods in 1996.   She was trained by Ron Davis and others at the Reading Research Council in California.   Jane holds an honours degree in Psychology, and has been trained in counselling and trauma therapy.   She has experience of working in schools, specialising in the use of computers to support the school curriculum.   She helped to set up multi-disciplinary project in the school aimed at integrating a wide range of topics, including Mathematics, Geography and English.   Jane has three dyslexic children, who have all been helped by the Davis methods.

Jane is also a Davis Autism Facilitator and Supervisor. She was lucky enough to attend the original workshops where this approach was developed in 2006, and she has worked with clients applying these techniques since. She has also attended regular training and development workshops where the Autism Approach is being further developed and improved.

Jane runs intervention programmes in primary classes using the Davis methods to work with younger children to help then develop their learning strategies.   She is also a Davis Autism Facilitator who helps autistic children and adults adapt to the world at large using the Seed of Genius Programme developed by Ronald D Davis.

Please note that the Davis Seed of Genius® Programme, Davis® Dyslexia Correction Programme, including Davis® Symbol Mastery and Davis® Orientation Counselling may only be provided by persons who are trained and licensed through Davis Dyslexia Association International.

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